Digital Photography

At Adams Family Dentistry, one of the ways we help you achieve the smile that you want is by using digital photography in Huntington Park, California. While photographs are a great way to capture, keep or share wonderful memories, our dentist can also use them to maximize improve your treatment plan.

For example, Dr. Suzanne Khalili may use digital photography to give you a clear and concise view of your smile and your treatment needs. If you are having a crown, bridge, veneer or dental implant made, a photograph can be used to make sure that your dental work blends in seamlessly with your smile. They can also be used to help you see the difference your treatments have made in your smile. And digital photographs can also be submitted to insurance companies to show a need for a particular procedure and show proof of treatment.

We would be happy to see you for an examination and talk with you about the benefits of using digital photography during your treatment. Please contact our office at 213-765-8161, and one of our team members will help you schedule your appointment.